Since the early 90th we test safe and effective functionals and formulate cosmetic preparations that address spots and uneven skin tone, skin ageing, body dryness, brittle and weak hair.
Our aim is to offer every woman and man tailored products able to treat and pamper their skin.
As synthetized in our new logo, we always look for the perfect synergy between nature and science: there are many great natural ingredients just as there are lots of great synthetic ingredients.


The result is a wide, consolidated range of products available in different sizes and for all pockets.


AQUIMPEXSPA makes its entry into the cosmetics world in the early 1990s, after a decade of international trade experience that brought its young founder - Mr. Gd Calabrese - in contact with different worlds and cultures.
It is Africa that provides him some interesting food for thought: beautiful and proud, african women have an amazing care of their skin.
He notes, however, that most of the creams on the market are too fluid, other than those he’s used to see in the bathroom of his sisters.
On his return to Italy, he requires the study of a cosmetic formulation able to withstand the high african temperatures: the result is a dense, fragrant cream that keeps its characteristics regardless the tropical climates.
Within a few years, “A3 - Triple Action" becomes the first Italian brand of multi-ethnic cosmetics.
Since then, the range of products and brands has hugely increased and its distribution has been extended to Middle East, U.S.A. and European markets.
To this day, “A3 - Triple Action" FIRST cream embraced the second generation of consumers.
This is our greatest source of pride.
In 2023 AQUIMPEXSPA, in line with its GREEN propensity and orientation, undertook a radical energy efficiency process aimed at replacing company plants and machinery to guarantee energy savings thanks to the financial support received from the European Union (ESI funds).

Gd. Calabrese
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Dubai Beauty Fair 2006
Gd. Calabrese & M. d’Anzeo
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